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Maréchal des Logis

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Feb 14 16 1:44 PM

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I have aded a new post to my blog about this rather obsucre topic:

The Norwegian -Swedish War of 1814

Prior blog losts on the Norwegians:

The Norwegian Army of 1814


The Norwegian Army of 1808

All the posts include pictures of re-enactors (including the marvelous ski troops), and museums.

In case you weren't aware, my blog also has a pretty comprehnsive series of 10 posts on the Danes in the Napoleonic Wars.

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von Peter himself

Chef de bataillon

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Feb 15 16 7:27 AM

Hello Peter

You seem to have an interest in matters Napoleonic and Scandiavian. Have you seen the Perry's latest annopuncements on  "Danish-Norwegian Army of 1803-14" releases?. Try

It may or may not be of interest ... or be old news to you.   8O)

von Peter himself

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